Free DVD cutter for Windows

DVD cutterDVD videos are perfect in sound and video quality, but are larger in size. Therefore, most times it becomes impossible to backup them as a whole. Here comes the use of DVD cutter software, for selecting and saving particular part of the movie file. DVD cutter plus is a free software which makes this task pretty simple when compared with other shareware apps in the market. You can download the application from below.

Free DVD cutter for Windows

How to use DVD cutter plus :

Select the required DVD movie file using open.
Move slider>SeeĀ  preview and markĀ  start at appropriate location.
Similarly select end section and click on save.

Resulting DVD files will have the same quality as the original file .

Download DVD cutter for Windows.

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1 thought on “Free DVD cutter for Windows

  1. It’s one of FOUR programs I’ve downloaded and tested – none of them worked. This is getting frustrating. The movie is on DVD, it is not corrupted in any way, it’s in standard VOB format, all the programs I’ve tested can show the movie without problems, but on trying to save a short segment I’ve had everything, from garbage saved as a file, to a perfectly good clip saved but from a completely different part of the movie to the one I specified, to a “division by zero” error (that was DVDKnife), to programs that just refuse to respond when you click “set out point”. It appears that in the realm of DVD manipulation software there are some real cowboys posing as software developers. I would willingly pay up to $200 for a program that worked, but I’m beginning to think such a thing doesn’t exist.

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