Free batch file image renamer for Windows

Batch file image renamer for WindowsPhotos took with digital cameras are usually arranged in memory card with a particular style of naming . Sometimes its the camera name followed by ascending numbers or with date of capture . So its very easy to identify and sort these images . Similarly we can arrange images in our hard drive using batch file/image renamer softwares .As all files can be renamed in a single click , they are best suited for webmasters who are dealing with photos and wallpapers file renamer is a batch file renamer software for Windows which usually costs 15 $ for purchase . But here you can get a promotional full version serial for File renamer for free . File Renamer 2.00 File Renamer 2.00

Use file Renamer :

Open a set of images to rename .  Firstly select “user defined” from drop down menu and add some text like techknowl to be set as  the common name in all images . The second part is to add a varying number/figure to this text . Select ” figures” from the second drop down menu . Now all images will be arranged as techknowl1, techknowl2 ..etc.

How to get file Renamer full version serial .

Go to this promotion pageand sign up with your email .

First you will get a  verification email  and then another email with full version serial .

Download batch file/ image renamer for Windows .

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