iAntivirus free antivirus for Mac OS X

iantivirus free antivirus for Mac OS X PC tools is a well known name in Windows security and tuning software. We have already shared methods for getting free versions of their Windows based Antispyware and registry cleaner. PC tools has a Mac version of their antvirus, and its called iAntiVirus. The iAntiVirus is completely free for personal home use.

PC Tools iAntivirus for Mac OS X :

PC Tools iAntivirus for Mac OS X

Download iAntivirus here.

PC Tools iAntivirus for Mac features :

Free antivirus database updates.
Lightweight interface and faster scanning speeds.
Real time protection against threats.
Detects and removes Mac based malwares,viruses and spyware.

People say that Mac is safe from virus threats as it is built on Unix. But things are really changing in these days. Now there are a lot of malware affecting Mac OS and even Linux. The iAntivirus coming from a trusted security company, and it would help you to fight any possible infections.

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