Find out website background colors for Adsense and Web design

It is always a difficult task to find out the exact matching colors for Adsense ads ,based on the theme or template of the website/blog . Unless the HEX color codes are specified, it is nearly impossible for beginner to choose the background/text color that can blend with his template.
Look at the following screenshot . Here we are adding adsense between Blogger posts . And we are forced to choose the available 8 colors . Now what would you do if you want to choose another color for your Adsense text ??.

choose matching background colors for your adsense
This task can be accomplished using a Firefox addon called Colorzilla. Colorzilla filler picks the desired colors from a web pages . If your desired color is not availableĀ  , there is color ,which couldĀ  be made use of .

find out text color adsense text tittle
On moving Color picker through any section of your template/theme , particular color code will appear in the near tab as shown above. Copy the color code and paste it to boxes provided near the Adsense color selector .

The use of this Firefox addon is not limited to Adsense . Its a quite useful addon for web designers , for picking colors from websites and images .It would help them also for measuring the width and size of a web pages .

Download Colorzilla and find out matching colors for your adsense and other textual ad services.

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