Find out the location of email sender

Recently I published an article about a phishing attack on my Gmail account . There I provided an approximate location of the person who sent me the email . Similarly , you can also find out the location of email sender using the IP address in the email header .These days , many of us are getting fraud mails claiming bank transfer , won notification etc . About 99% of such emails are spam mails .So it  is always better to check the location of email sender , when you receive a suspicious email .

Emails usually contains invisible headers that carry important informations like IP address of the sender  .If you could get the IP , it is very easy to locate the email sender .

Find out the location of email sender using Gmail :

Find out the location of email sender

Open the target email from your Gmail account . Now if you are on the basic HTML, select show original link . Or if you are on the standard mode, as shown below , select show original .
Now you will be re-directed a new page .

 find out ip address

Here you an see the IP address in brackets , just after text received :from .
Copy the IP address and move on to this page . Enter the IP in the locate box and hit enter . Apart from locating the sender country, this service  also provide other relevant informations on region , population , flag , currency etc. They also provide a visual aid using Google maps tool .

Find out the location of email sender using Yahoo :

 yahoo mail

From the top right corner , select options . Usually Yahoo will not display headers in mails . Now you can enable this one on the options page .Select General preferences and scroll down to the location where you have the headers options. Select show all headers on incoming emails . Open the target email who’s location’ to be found out . Now from the email header , copy the IP address and locate the email sender using a similar process as in the first case .

Find out the location of email sender using MSN Hotmail :

 hotmail msn

The same process applies to MSN Hotmail . The only difference is that here in the mail options , you have to select the mail display settings . Check the advanced options on the message headers .Save the settings and  return back to Hotmail . Now find out location of email sender using the above methods .

Update : EmailTrackerPro is an application used to detect the location of email messages and spam mails automatically. Full version serial key of EMailTrackerPro 2008 is now available free as a part of promotional offers.

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  1. he(or) she is sent a mail to my boss about wrong message me and i have in bad trouble and i just want to know who is she or he and i would like to know his second email address in his setting.
    thanks alot and help me

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