Extract audio and video from Youtube FLV files

We have already covered an online utility to Convert Youtube video to Mp3 . This service is only useful for people with internet connection and extracting videos are not supported there .FLV Extract is a free Windows utility that can extract audio and video file from Youtube FLV videos and save them as mp3 and AVI files respectively .FLV Extract is completely free and its available with source file .

FLV Extract

Extract audio and video from Youtube videos using FLV Extract

First of all copy the required FLV files and transfer them to Windows desktop . Open FLV Extract application and drag the files into it . Extracted MP3 and AVI files from target Youtube videos will then appear instantly on desktop . FLV extract is a very lightweight applicationĀ  . It has only a size of 80KB provided you have .NET framework installed on your computer .

Download FLV Extract and extract audio and video from Youtube videos

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