Embed radio station in website, Blogger,WordPress using code

embed radio station in blogger and wordpress

embed radio station

With the availability  of faster and unlimited internet connections, people are now more interested in using streaming  music radio stations and TV broadcasts. So you can attract a large number of visitors if you could start an online radio station or music portal. Actually, we need large system and bandwidth resources for operating our own online radio and TV stations and its illegal in some cases. However, embedding a radio station is much easier than this process. We will explain the detailed process of starting an online radio station in upcoming posts. And for now we have some methods to embed radio stations in normal websites/blogs, using the browser plugin for Windows media player.

This method of accessing Windows media player audio and video service can be used in both Blogger and WordPress. First you need to download the following embed code to your computer.

Download the above code and paste it anywhere the player is to be appeared.
There are so many parameters that can be used to customize the player. For instance, param name=”AutoStart determines the autoplay of the embedded radio player . Change the text   “Stream URL ”  with a suitable one.

Here I am using streaming link ( of Radio Nimbooda , a 24/7 Bollywood online radio. You need to find the corresponding URL of the radio stream to enable this one your blogger or WordPress blog.

Embedded radio player will look as shown above. Though here I used this code for a radio station, you can also use this for embedding streaming video links. Just change the URL accordingly. Note:Downloading copyrighted music is illegal, but you can hear them online.

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26 thoughts on “Embed radio station in website, Blogger,WordPress using code

  1. This is absolutely great.Thanks so much.I have my own website.I want to add a Sri Lankan streaming radio on my site.Cn you please gudie me through.

    My e mail is ratnayake.susil@gmail.com.

    Thanks so much

    Susil (Sydney Australia)

  2. Hi buddy, this is good reference.

    I just placed the radio script code to my blog

    Many thanks.

  3. How to add news radio url with this code? Can you kindly assist me?

    I wanted to make world news radio.

  4. hey i want to embed listen2myradio.com

    radio streaming to my blog is it possible??

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    i am having more than 4 radio stations

    any one want we will provide all free live anchoring also which effects your blogs and website too and …

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    note 100% free for chat rooms n all

  6. hi im a vice president for a fan club im gonna open a website for my clubs. i was gonna do 1 page for just a club radio show but then i realized its possible to combien my website i wanna make with the radio broadcasting stuff. so i was wondering if you could help me with some tips thnx. oh an i dont know if it makes a difference but the music will be in spanish an the website bilingual.

  7. When I set the AutoStart Value to false, it still starts automatically when the page is loaded. How can I change this?

  8. Here is the solution to the AutoStart Problem :

    Simply add a line to the HTML Code:

    As you can see in the example above, I have added “autostart=false” to the HTML Code.
    If you want evidence that this is preventing the player from playing automatically than you can look here:

    Thanks for the template! 😀

  9. hmmm changing that to ‘false’ which is what it is set for allows it to autostart…must be something else to change.

  10. Works great! Thanks. Would like to know if it’s possible to have it hyperlinked to an image and pop open in another window.

  11. 2 questions:
    Is it possible to create own radio station?
    Is it illegal if you play copyrighted music on radio station without permission?
    Please answer!!!!!!!!!

  12. Please please please ………..tell whether it is not illegal to use the radio nimbooda online radio on my website. I want to add this on my website.

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