Download unlimited multiple files from Rapidshare free

Download unlimited multiple=File sharing sites lets you to upload your files to their server and provide you with a direct download link so that you would be download the file anywhere from the world . Almost all files sharing sites have payed and free accounts .The same is with Rapidshare , worlds largest file sharing network .Rapidshare usually imposes few restrictions on free users so that they will not be able to download unlimited multiple files from Rapidshare . Also they will not able to download files , if someone is using the same internet IP address to download  from Rapidshare . Usually internet cafes / USB data cards will have same IP address for all customers . So it will not be possible for them to download from Rapidshare . But here is a Windows software ,Download Direct  that can download unlimited multiple files from Rapidshare for free.

I have came across different softwares claiming that they are useful for downloading multiple files from Rapidshare for free , but most of them are either fake tools /spywares . DLD (Download Direct ) is an ultimate Rapidshare  tool that even pause /speed up Rapidshare downloads to 500 % .

Download Direct features :

Download Download Direct rapidshare

Accelerate Rapidshare downloads to about 500 % than the normal value.
Download multiple files from Rapidshare using same IP address .
Pause ,resume and schedule Rapidshare downloads .
Support for Downloading torrent files .

DownloadDirect Download and acess  unlimited multiple files from Rapidshare free .

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5 thoughts on “Download unlimited multiple files from Rapidshare free

  1. Hey i also tried rar repair tool bt RS File still says archive invalide. . .is it work fo RS File plz tell me plz its urgent.

  2. Rapidshare does not free users. It allows you to download 70% after which it discontinues the link.
    It wants you to pay for the download.

    Shoudl stay away from Rapidshare for upload or download.

  3. They build an error into the download “Msosx3 etc.” so as to induce one to download another program to fix such errors!!

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