Download Ubuntu 9 RC

Ubuntu community has released the final beta and release candidate (RC) for the upcoming version of popular Linux distribution . Ubuntu 9 is more secure than Windows and it is well suited for desktops , laptops and servers .It comes with all applications like web browser , instant messenger , office utilities ,media player etc.Download Ubuntu 9 RC .

Ubuntu Linux is better than any other OS .The only difficulty is in finding alternatives for some modem device drivers and softwares used in Windows. But with the release of softwares like Wine , now you can install Windows softwares on Ubuntu and all other Linux packages .

Ubuntu 9 RC  release candidate

Ubuntu 9 is very promising release . Its interface looks stunning from login itself . Installation took only 20 minutes on my Pentium 4 system with 1GB RAMĀ  . Boot time seems to have improved a lot .So if you are using earlier versions of Ubuntu , try download and install Ubuntu 9 RC .

Download Ubuntu 9 RC Windows ISO ( Win32 *86)
Download Torrent
Download Ubuntu 9 RC Windows ISO(Win64 AMD)
Download Torrent Ubuntu 9 RC server and USB editions are avilable here .

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