Download Thunderbird 3.0 final

Download Thunderbird 3.0 final

Mozilla has launched the final version of the open source email client, Thunderbird 3.0 built on the Gecko platform. Thunderbird 3.0 is launched with major architectural changes so as to improve its stability, performance and compatibility. Code simplification has also been done. You can search and filter your emails based on the sender, attachment, people, folder, timeline tool etc. The auto-complete feature in Thunderbird can complete your search request against your address book. Thunderbird 3.0 final is not supported by versions of Windows prior to Windows 2000, and on Mac operating systems before version10.4 Tiger. Compatibility mode for unsupported versions of Windows OS have to be disabled for Windows executables of Thunderbird 3.0 before installing. System requirements for Linux version of Thunderbird has also changed.

Thunderbird 3.0 final :

Thunderbird 3.0 final

Mozilla Thunderbird 3.0 final features:

The major advantage of Thunderbird is that its open source. You don’t need to go for commercial applications like Microsoft Outlook .
It is so easy to setup a new email account with  new Thunderbird 3. You can do this by just providing your name email address and password. Thunderbird will match the provided information with the email settings of popular email service providers to setup your account.
The mail toolbar is customizable and each email is associated with all the necessary buttons to make the tasks simple.
Each email can be opened in a new tab by clicking them or hitting the enter key. The tab menu aids the switching between tabs. When Thunderbird is restarted visible tabs will be restored.
Smart folders facility roofs the inboxes from multiple accounts.
You can have a summary of all the selected emails.
Message archive system enables you to file different messages in your inbox.
The interaction between Thunderbird and your email service provider is recorded by the activity manager.
Like Firefox ,addons is the great advantage of Thunderbird email client .  The new add-ons manager makes the task of finding, downloading and installing add-ons very easy.
You can add and edit contacts in the address book with the click of your mouse button. The new birthday field helps you to wish your friends early.
Special Gmail folders such as send and trash are automatically integrated into Thunderbird.
Thunderbird 3 final is integrated with Vista search results, which is good news for Vista users.
New Thunderbird also supports Windows 7.
Mac users can now use the Thunderbird integrated into spotlight.
Thunderbird protects you from the bad effects of phishing. You will be reminded of any attachments if you have mentioned the word attachment or something like that in the message.

Download and install Thunderbird 3 final:

Thunderbird is available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. In order to download Thunderbird just go to the Mozilla messaging website and get your copy. Earlier versions of Thunderbird will be removed automatically when new version is installed in Linux. Mac and Windows don’t have this problem. Thunderbird can be removed as usual without the loss of any of your email accounts or emails. Older extensions and themes are not compatible with Thunderbird 3 final.

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