Download SRS audio sandbox – Improve PC audio quality

I am little bit crazy about music . So I always in look for good softwares to enhance audio quality and sound . After testing so many softwares which claims to be with DTS , Dolby and all other stuff , I came into a conclusion that sound quality can be improved only by changing my audio card . But things have changed after I discovered SRS audio sandbox . Download SRS audio sandbox you don’t believe  audio quality delivered by your speakers .

You might have seen SRS logo in digital audio players and HDTV’s . They have different audio enhancement technologies and they Usually license these modules for multimedia software vendors like Cyberlink(PowerDVD) , Corel(WinDVD) etc .

Download SRS audio sandbox - Improve PC audio quality

SRS audio sandbox contains all these sound technologies to a single software . SRS enhances and improves the PC audio quality by working behind popular media players like WMP .

SRS audio sandbox components (AS per SRS).

SRS TruSurround XT®
SRS Circle Surround II®
SRS Headphone 360™

Among these sound settings ,  SRS Circle Surround is really an amazing module . It creates heart thumbing Bass and modulation , even for audio with poor quality .

There are other advanced audio settings like SRS 3D,Dialog clarity .SRS Tru Bass , SRS definition etc . ,which can be changed as per the user requirements .

Download SRS audio sandbox . It works like a sound driver , which replaces the default sound driver in our audio control panel . Actually the series of action is like this; Sound card>Sound card Driver>SRS audio sandbox >speakers . All settings in SRS audio sand box are customizable and you can even create your own sound profiles .

The only disappointing factor is that its a shareware .And paying 30$ for this amazing software is not a big deal .
You can download a full working trial version of SRS audio sandbox here .

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