Record desktops activities as videos in Linux

RecordMydesktop and Istanbul are two GNU/Linux applications that can record desktop activities as videos ,in a computer with Linux installed .They are the Linux alternative to Windows softwares like Camstudio . These recorded files are encoded using open file formats like Theora(for video) and Vorbis(for audio) .

There are many internal settings inĀ  RecordMydesktop that can be tweaked according to the desire of the user .

 download RecordMydesktop

By default , RecordMydesktop records only the portions of the desktop that have changed . RecordMydesktop can be set to record a portion of the desktop or as a whole .

Istanbul is another Linux application that record desktop screenshots as videos .It places itself in the taskbar .

download istanbul

We can start and stop recording by clicking on the Istanbul icon in taskbar . Videos and sound files can be recorded separately if required .

Download recordmydesktop for Linux .
Download Istanbul and record Linux desktop backgrounds as videos .

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