Download Panda cloud antivirus for Windows

Download Panda cloud antivirus for WindowsPanda cloud antivirus is one of the first antivirus system based to new cloud computing technology . We have earlier discussed about a desktop version of Panda Internet security 2009 . Being on desktop it affects the performance of the system by using system memory and other resources . Panda cloud antivirus scans the client machines from web . That is, its an online virus scanner that connects a computer to Panda labs antivirus servers and works in background to scan and remove threats . This approach dramatically improve system performance and the user won’t notice that there is antivirus software running in his machine.Download Panda cloud antivirus .

Panda cloud antivirus

Panda cloud antivirus

Panda cloud antivirus  is very small size when compared with traditional security software products like Kaspersky ,Norton ,NOD32 ,AVG and Avira .

One of the disadvantage of cloud antivirus  is that it needs a good and uninterpreted internet connection . There is an offline cache version of the antivirus database which can be used when there is no internet connection . But to experience the full cloud computing , you need a dedicated connection .  Beta version of  Panda cloud antivirus is currently free ,but would be charged in upcoming releases .

Download Panda cloud antivirus for Windows Vista and Windows XP .

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