Download or Order Solaris and Ubuntu with free shipping

If you love Open source and if you like to get some free open Source Operating systems for your PC , try Ubuntu and Open Solaris .

 Download or Order Solaris and Ubuntu with free shipping

Many of you might know about Ubuntu and their free shipping program .Solaris is another similar Operating System from Sun Microsystems .They also offer free shipping for the open source version of Solaris , Open Solaris .What you need is just to register with their site and they will ship the Cd’s to prescribed address .

Usually Solaris is used in Servers and  large computer networks considering its stability and security . Their are both desktop and server versions that you can order from the official Open Solaris website .

Order free Open Solaris CD .
Download Open Solaris CD.

Ubuntu logo

These are live CDs . So there is no hassle during installation .

 Ubuntu CD and stickers

Ubuntu needs no introduction . It is one of the most popular Linux OS in the world . And they gained this popularity through their free shipping programs .

Register here and they will send you some free CDs and Ubuntu stickers . Enjoy the CDs and spread the word.
Download Ubuntu from the official website .

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