Download Nexus free internet radio software for Windows

Download Nexus free internet radio software Windows Internet Radio is nowadays becoming more popular with the availability of low cost and fast internet services across the glob. There are two options to listen to a live internet radio. One is online through the official website, and the other is to use client based software that can be installed on a desktop. The second one is more user friendly as here we don’t need to search for stations and to keep the radio web page open. Desktop based Radio software will connect to the live streaming radio servers and play songs directly just like normal radio stations Nexus Radio is one of the most comprehensive one among internet radio software for Windows based PCs. It has a collection10000+ radio stations and 15 million songs, which are searchable through the software interface. Nexus Radio also provides options for recording songs at high quality and save them to portable media player or hard disk.

Nexus free internet radio software:

Nexus free internet radio software version 3.2.2

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Download Nexus radio here.

All most all internet radio stations in the world are accessible on your desktop via Nexus for Windows. Search if you are not able to find the desired radio station or song.
Open up stations from menu>Select Genre > choose station and click on play.
Inbuilt media player plays music stations to a maximum of 5.1 channels with option for audio effects and equalizers.
Record songs in one click.
Audio cutter, trimmer or editor to modify recorded music files.
Transfer recorded songs to portable media players like iPhone, iPod, Zune, etc. or save to hard disk.

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