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Nero is one of the most popular CD/DVD/Blue-Ray disc burning software in the market. Hardware manufacturers like Sony and LG ships an OEM edition of Nero with their CD/DVD/DVD drives. Nero is a good burning solution, but personally, we stopped using Nero from its version 6. After version 6, Nero became clogged with unwanted software, and now it has a design that is very complex to learn. Moreover, Windows 7 comes with DVD/data CD/Music CD burning options, so there isn’t any need of special burning software. Be that as it may, Nero recently released a free version of their burying software and is called Nero Essentials. It’s a limited rendition of Nero 9 software and supports basic disc burning operations.

Nero 9 Essentials free version:

Nero 9 Essentials free version

Nero 9 essentials free version features:

As you can see in the screenshot, Nero 9 Essentials only supports basic data burning and copying features. Nero suite is a big package with different disc burning modules, audio editors, media player, cover designer and some other junk apps. Who need all these things if they are looking for a quick disc burning software? The Nero Essentials is one good alternative in this perspective. The size of the application is negligibly small (55 mb) when compared with its premium siblings. Nero has one of the best disc burning technology that ensures smooth recording on CD/DVD/Blu-ray without any errors-but Nero fails miserably when it comes to recording damaged discs. Check this post to recover files from scratched CD or DVD.

Download Nero 9 Essentials here.

Update: Nero released a new version of this software and now it is called Nero Burn Lite (Nero Quick Burn). You can download the updated software here.Enter your email address in the box provided and then download. Nero Burn Lite is not that impressive as the original Nero Essentials. It always asks the user to upgrade to premium version for even the basic functions, and its very annoying than you might expect. Check our related posts section for more free disc burning software alternatives.

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