Download iTunes 10 – direct link for Windows and Mac

Download iTunes 10 direct download link

Apple iTunes 10

Apple today announced iTunes 10 at the Apple music event in USA.  The new iTunes has a brand new design and features. The changes start from iTunes 10 logo, it looks like something as shown here. The major addition to iTunes 10 is a music based social networking service called Ping.  There are thousand of good, yet unknown music albums and songs in iTunes music store, which are not getting into the top list. With the music based friend circle in iTunes 10, users can follow artists and friends and find songs of their interest.  The ping works on iTunes 10 as well as iPod Touch and iPhone with the latest iOS version. Here is the direct  download link to  iTunes 10 for Windows and Mac OS.

iTunes 10 with Ping :

iTunes 10 with Ping

iTunes 10 with Ping

Download iTunes 10 for Windows here. (direct link)

Download iTunes 10 for Mac OS here. (direct link)

Apple iTunes 10 new features:

As you can see from the screenshots, the songs in new iTunes 10 are placed in list view orientation. So now it’s easy to find songs- rate them, artist information, get album art and add songs to newly created playlists.  The iTunes 10 ping service is not yet available in many countries, including India. We have accessed Ping using a US iTunes account. When available, you will find a link to register for a Ping profile just beneath the app store link in iTunes 10. With a Ping profile, you can follow your favorite artists- get upcoming concerts and other details from them, listen to 30 sec preview of albums, purchase and download songs recommended by friends,  update your status, publish song reviews and many more. The Ping is also available on the iTunes app in Apple iPhone or iPod Touch. The service let users to discover good songs shared by their friends. Moreover, it would improve the profit of Apple  from selling music albums. Users of iPhone or iPod Touch should download the new iTunes 10 for updating their iOS version of 4.1, due for release  on next week.

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