Download Google chrome offline installer

Download Google chrome offline installerGoogle recently released their new open source browser Chrome. Google Chrome is based on the Webkit engine that also powers the Safari Internet browser from Apple. The initial versions of Google chrome are reported to have a unique ID and data path that is used by Google to collect personal user information and tracking of usage of the browser. Google Chrome is available for Mac, Windows and Linux platforms.

The Chrome browser is pretty good in looks than Firefox browser, and it has a clean and easy to navigate interface. Another plus point of the browser is speed. It has fast JavaScript engine and support for latest HTML and CSS standards. other browser. It is faster than internet explorer and can even compared with Safari and Opera for the same.

Download Google chrome

Chrome shows all history items just like Opera speed dial.You can even search through your history through a small search box provided. Opening a new tab is a click away, and bookmarking sites can be done easily with a control on the left side of URL bar.


Download Google chrome offline installer:

This installer works similar to Skype and other similar tools offering standalone setup.

All other functions and menus on Google Chrome are bridged into two controls on the extreme right. This arrangement makes the browser extremely user friendly. Google search can be accesed right from the URL box. With this features Chrome is going to be a real competitor for Internet explorer and Opera. However, I am sure that it will not (can’t) stand with Firefox on the features, operating platforms, security and Addons it offers (Firefox 3.1 is going to be seven times faster than version 3 ). Anyway Google chrome will be my second choice if someone asks me to choose a better browser.

After the final release of Chrome, Google made numerous changes Chrome privacy policies which were imposed earlier.

1. People in all ages are allowed to use Google chrome: ( Earlier, people who were not on a legal age to enter an agreement with Google, were not legally allowed to use Chrome).
2. You don’t need to provide personal information and contact data.
3. During the beta period, Google had made a condition in the Chrome User agreement, requiring the user to acknowledge that there may be some secrets in Google chrome, which would obviously remain as the sole property of Google, and the user was not allowed to out these secrets to a third party in any way. This is now deleted from the EULA.

Google chrome presently has approximately 12 million installations, which are expected to be doubled by the release of MAC and Linux versions. Google is also in talks with computer manufactures to add Google Chrome as the default browser in new PCs.


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