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Download Google Chrome 4 Seems that Google is upgrading Chrome browser versions at a faster rate than competitors like Firefox,IE and Safari . The application already entered the phase four of development by the release of Google chrome 4 . We earlier covered the release of Google Chrome 3 that added support for extensions to Chrome browser .While the stable version continues as Chrome 2 , Google Chrome 3 and and Chrome 4 are faster and offer extensive features . Changes in Google chrome version 4 are bookmark synchronization , faster JavaScript engine ,improved support for new HTML 5 tagsĀ  and bug fixes from previous versions . There is no changes in external appearance and position of controls and settings .But you will notice a faster page load and improved rendering of script intensive pages . Developers and enthusiast can download Google chrome 4 here .

Download Google Chrome 4 offline installer .

Google Chrome 3 is the current stable release .You can download the latest version of Chrome 3 here .

(Web browser supported by Google, released for the first time on October 2008 ).

Update: Google Chrome OS image developer preview is now available .

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