Download Google Chrome 3

Google recently released the final version of Google Chrome 2.The browser is faster than some of its close competitors like Firefox and Internet explorer 8 ,but still lacks the support for addons . Though there are some user scripts for enabling extra features like ad blocking ,spell check ,page rank check etc. ,its pretty difficult to get them installed . Meanwhile , we found a developer version of Google Chrome 3 that has support for installing addons . This release has more than 16 major fixes from Chrome version 2 .Download Google Chrome 3 .

Google Chrome 3

Google Chrome 3

Apart from the support for addons, Google Chrome 3 also adds automatic spell checker for misspelled words. The new HTML tags like <video> introduced in HTML 5 has been included into Google chrome 3. By using this feature, developers would be able to insert videos directly into webpages instead of calling a web players using embed tag. Firefox 3.5 ,Opera 10 alpha and safari 4.5 are the only  known browsers currently supporting video tag. So by the final release of version 3 ,Google Chrome would be a close competitor for Firefox browser .

Download Google Chrome 3 .

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  1. I’ve tried Google Chrome four times and am ready to remove it again. It crashes and simply isn’t stable enough for me. I’ll stick with Avant and IE8.

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