Download fake Virus -prank your friends on April 1

Download fake virus April fool is just near .So like me , everyone is searching for a method to fool their friends with some pranks .Ultimatevirus is a free fake virus software that can do this task to its extreme .It would create a real frightening   experience for your friends using Windows .On execution , Ultimatevirus tool says that target machine has been infected by a deadly virus and then performs a series of operation that even fools an experienced Windows user . Download Ultimatevirus fake virus software here .

Send this fake virus to your friends and ask them to open .
Now a new Windows appears as shown below .

Download fake virus

Ultimate virus locks all Windows tasks so that he will be forced to select any of those options .
On click it will show a progress bar deletion harddisk files,windows folders and file contents in the target machine . If he click the cancel button , a fake BSD (Blue Screen of Death ) will appear .

After this the machine will be restarted in a fake DOS mode with following warnings in successive key presses.

Download fake virus

Finally it will display a window showing that was just a prank .

Download Ultimatevirus  fake Virus prank software for Windows .

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