Download conficker worm removal tool

A worm is a computer malware that spreads itself through computer networks ,USB disks and other storage mediums . Indication and details Conficker worm was given by Microsoft in last October .Since then  Conficker had different modifications and new versions .
Download conficker worm removal tool
As per per the rumours from security labs and blogs , about 10 million computers are already infected with variants of Conficker worm . And the worm would outburst in April 1st of this year to perform unknown destructive actions.We already have a post to remove Autorun worms affecting Windows autorun command . Unfortunately, this will not work with  Conficker worm .Conficker worm is known in different names with different antivirus  vendors and all of them have released  conficker removal tools . Download few conficker removal tools here .

Though their are some conficker removal tools , none of security experts are sure about their effectiveness with latest variants .

One’s infected, Conficker worm would display the following symptoms .

Disable error reporting and Windows updates .
Disable access to antivirus websites .
Perform  some actions similar to Autorun worm .
Network congestion issues .
Disables security softwares .

Conficker worm would also collect personal informations including user details/bank passwords and send them to botnets and attack websites associatedwith the code .

Download conficker worm removal tool

Conficker worm execution at April 1st might turn into another April fool joke . But as per advice from Microsoft ,Kaspersky ,Eset ,Symantec and other Antivirus vendors , the worm Conficker exists . So be prepared with  conficker worm removal tools to make make your computer secure against any future attacks .

Download Conficker worm removal tool from Microsoft .
Download Conficker worm removal tool from Eset (NOD 32).
Download Kido (Conficker) killer from Kaspersky lab .
DownloadDownadup(conficker) removal tool removal tool from F-secure .

Keep your Antivirus software updated . All antivirus vendors are daily releasing updates to detect and cure new variants of the Conficker worm .

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