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BloggerGoogle Blogger is a popular web publishing tool used by millions of people around the world. We were using a Blogger custom domain before moving all blog posts and files of this domain to a WordPress installation. Blogger team is consecutively improving the features of the blogspot platform. Earlier they had released a new template designer, Google Analytics tools, Amazon integration, mobile version option, etc. The latest development from Blogger is the introduction of a standalone mobile application for Android devices.

Blogger mobile application:

Blogger Mobile application screenshot

Blogger Mobile application

You will need a Google Blogger account and at least one blog to use this application. Blogs created from your Google account linked to the Android phone will be loaded just after opening the application. Blogger mobile has options to create and edit posts, add labels, use camera to input blog posts, add location information, etc. WordPress already have iOS, Android, Symbian and Blackberry versions of their mobile applications. We hope that Blogger team would release compatible apps for other mobile OS in the coming days.

Download Blogger mobile here.

There is also an unofficial Blogger app in the Android market. Search Droid-Blogger within the social section.

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