DivX player plus offline installer for Windows and Mac

DivX player offline installer serial Mac and Windows

DivX player

DivX is nowadays one of the most commonly used video formats on file sharing sites, torrents and others. DivX maintains the quality of the video ripped from DVD, VCD and Blu-day discs, even if the size of the output file is comparatively small. Moreover, a DivX video includes both video and audio streams in a single file. Newly introduced DivX HD (. MKV) and original DivX files can be played using the official DivX Plus player for Windows and Mac. There is a pro version of DivX Plus player- with the ability create and convert other video formats to DivX. DivX player includes native support for DivX, AVI, XVID, MP4 and MOV video files.

The DivX installer includes a codec, that is the only requirement needed to play AVI and DivX videos in Windows media player. The DivX desktop, web player and converter are not required in normal case. A separate DivX plus or Pro (Mac) serial number is required to activate encoding features.

DivX Plus player :

DivX player offline installer

DivX player for Windows

Features of DivX player Plus 8 for Widows and DivX player 7 for Mac:

DivX player: Play DivX , XVID, AVI, MP4, MKV and MOV videos in quality. Transfer videos to handhelds and video players.

DivX web player : Play high definition web videos at 1080 and 5.1 surround sound.

DivX converter: Convert any video to DivX and MKV formats. Backup DVD discs using the optional plugin.

Set DivX video as desktop background in Mac OS.

DivX player offline standalone installer:

Like Yahoo messenger, Skype, Real player, Windows Live Messenger, Chrome and others, DivX Networks doesn’t provide any direct offline installer for DivX player. Their  online installer is not useful for people without internet connection  So here we have collected alternate download links to the offline standalone installer of DivX player Plus for Windows and DivX player for Mac.

Download DivX player full setup for Mac OS here.

Download DivX player offline installer for Windows  here.

DivX player PRO serial number:

We earlier shared a promotional offer to download DivX pro serial for free – unfortunately its not working now. So the only option left there is to purchase a serial number from the official website. It will cost $19.99 each for both OS versions of DivX player.

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3 thoughts on “DivX player plus offline installer for Windows and Mac

  1. thanks… i just needed it…
    i try to install an online pack but it hangs at the “initializing” process

  2. I have the same problem…. it hangs at the initializing process. what do I have to do?

  3. it seems to be a network issue. download the standalone installer. i had that problem and the standalone installer worked fine.

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