Create Windows CD with preinstalled programs

A Windows live CD is a CD which is containing a bootable Windows OS in it .  Here we are about to create a Windows live CD with few preinstalled programs . These programs can be browsers , antivirus software , media players etc . So later  if you are installing Windows from these live Cd’s , you don’t need to install all those included programs separately . This is very useful as we don’t need to carry all our favorite  programs separately in a CD . The size of the live CD varies according to the number of programs preinstalled onto it . Anyways , 700 MB is recommended if you planning to make it to run  on a CD drive .


Now to create Windows  CD with preinstalled programs , we need the following utilities .
1. Bart PE builder software ” Download
2. A CD image burner software like Ahead Nero
3. Pebuilder plugins to customize our CD ( programs are available as plugins )
4. Windows CD
5 . A CD writer.
After installing PE builder , as shown in figure , select a source of Windows installation files(CD) .
Then select the output folder . Output folder should be of moderate size to accommodate all preinstalled program files along with Windows files .
Browse through C:pebuilder3110a . Here you can see a bitmap image bartpe.bmp . This image is  displayed on the desktop when the CD is booted . You can change it with a image of your choice .

Now you can search and download plugins for your favorite programs . There are more 1000 application plugins are available from these sites .

Pebuilder plugins repository

Download XPE plugin that create Windows start button and task bar from here .
Now add all your downloaded plugins to the build .  For that , you can move on to C:pebuilder3110plugins or press F4 from the PE builder interface.Disable nu2shell and start up group from the plugins as we have already added XPE to the plugins list.

After adding all required program plugins , click on build ISO image or burn to CD/DVD . So with that we have completed the process of Creating a  Windows CD with preinstalled programs

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