Create a mobile version of Blogger or WordPress blog

I think you have seen the mobile versions of popular web portals and blogs .Similarly  you can also create create a mobile version of Blogger or WordPress blog . There are different methods and each depend on the blog platform .

Mobile version of a WordPress blog .
First of all you have to create a subdomain for your blog , say Your WordPress blog should be re-directed to this sub domain when accessed on a mobile phone . For this , you have to identify mobile browser UA string snippets, which can be done using PHP scripts .. There are plugins in WordPress for automatic re-direction to mobile versions .
These services and WURFL can be used for mobile device detection .

Check out  Andy moores PHP script to detect mobile phones . Here  you can generate custom PHP script to  choose the mobile browsers and the domain to which it should be re-directed .Download the PHP the code and paste it at the very top of your header.php file ( This can be found in your theme directory ) . Apart from this , Andy Moore also has a WordPress plugin for mobile versions of WordPress blogs.
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The best service that can create a mobile version of WordPress blog is Mofuse . Mofuse is completely free and they have an easy to use mobile site builder for custom design of your site . On default , you will get a domain after successful registration . This can later re-directed to your custom domain using the Mofuse dashboard  settings .
For eg: can be re-directed to
A CNAME record ( should be made on your DNS control panel  and it should be pointed to . So a visitor at will be redirected to .
For mobile phone redirection , you can use Mofuse WordPress plugin . Just enter your mofuse mobile site name and your sub domain will be redirected to it .

Another features :
Mobile site Analytics
Custom design/colors/logo
SMS and Comment widget
Earn  Revenue from  mobile site using Google adsense and Admob .

Mobile version of Blogger blog:
Though we can create a mobile version of the Blogger blog , re-direction to mobile site is not possible  as the execution of server side scripts like PHP are not allowed . So here also we can make of Mofuse for the mobilization of Blogger . Blogger custom domain users can create a sub domain and change the CNAME record to point Mofuse. These sites should be promoted independently as they are not available on direct mobile access .

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  1. yes it’s so interesting, and now I’ve found one simple new that name is blogger touch, just try this one
    thx 😉

  2. Now I have a reason why should I also setup a mobile version for my Khal Tamar webshop.

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