How to use CoreFTP to upload website files via FTP

how to use FTP to upload website FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol , a standard used to transfer files over internet and related services . It might be very difficult for a newbie to understand the use and architecture FTP in web hosting and allied services . Here we will make it simpler though a working example and a commonly used Windows FTP client CoreFTP . Check out how you can  upload website files to a server using CoreFTP .

How to use CoreFTP to upload WordPress via FTP :

A website will be having number of files arranged as a folder . The main file or the home page will be index.html .So when we upload the files to the server , we have to upload index.html to the root directory along with other files   . There will be a file manger in each webhost’s control panel and a folder public_html inside that . Index.html or homepage file should be uploaded to  public_html including CSS ,JavaScript and other files .  If there is only two three files ,they can be uploaded manually . and this method is mostly used for static websites with single HTML and CSS files .

But if you are uploading large blog softwares like WordPress (contains around 1500 files )  ,you would need an FTP software like CoreFTP . It can use File transfer Protocol to connect to the required port and automatically send files to the required directory in file manger from Windows desktop . We can edit ,delete and modify  file manger without accessing host CP through browser.  Here I am uploading WordPress to using CoreFTP.

How to use CoreFTP to upload website files via FTP :

Download CoreFTP (free software)
Open CoreFTP and create a new profile .
For filling the details ,you need to collect FTP user name , password and server name from your host’s FTP menu . Here I am using FTP details of my 000webhost free hosting account .

Fill the above mentioned entries as shown below and keep others exactly the same .

CoreFTP server settings

Now click on connect . If the server details are correct , CoreFTP will open your root FTP folder on the blank right pane .

How to use CoreFTP to upload website files via FTP

Open public_html . Your file are to be uploaded here .
Now open required website files from left pane and drag it to bottom pane .
Select all and right click to process queue . Now all files selected from Windows desktop will be uploaded to the public_html directory through FTP . You may further edit ,delete or modify them from right pane .

Index.html/index.php/index.asp page in   public_html directory will serve as your website homepage .

Update : 000webhost is real scam webhosting company . They deleted few of my websites without any warning . So if your website and files are anything important ,then use reliable webhosting companies like Hostgator and Dreamhost . Both Hostgator and Dreamhost provides promo codes and discount coupons so that you can start webhosting at lower cost .

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