Save locked Orkut album and profile photos

Orkut and other social media websites have strict policies regarding the privacy of its users. Users have the ability to block selected friends or non-friends from viewing their photos and videos. So once blocked its will not be possible for others to access private albums. While this may be considered as a privacy or security enhancing option, recently Orkut started implementing a more annoying copy-protection in user albums. Now even friends are not allowed to save Orkut profile and album photos of their friends.

Few months back I experienced the same problem while saving some good photos fromĀ Flickr. They let you save photos, but at the end what return is a static image like spaceball.gif. Here in this article I will show how you can save photos from an Orkut profile that has a similar kind of security features enabled.

This is what you get when you save a copyrighted photo from Flickr.

(Click to see large image)

A similar issue will arise when you try to save Orkut album photos. Still you can copy and save them using the simple methods given below.

1. Using Firefox.

Open an Orkut album or profile. Right click anywhere on the page( not photo ) and select view page info.

Now a new window appears as as shown below and select media.

copy and save orkut photosUsing mouse, browse down and find out the image you want to save by seeing the preview.

Find out the image and then copy the link location by right clicking on it.

Open a new browser window, paste the copied image location and hit enter.

Now the image will appear in a form that could be easily saved.

Method 2:

1. You can view any protected album image in full size by dragging target photo to the URL box ( Firefox, Opera and IE 7 ). Then save it.

Method 3:

Disable browser JavaScript functionality.

On Firefox, Go to Tools > Options> Content > unpick enable JavaScript option. After this there won’t be any issue in saving photos. But you should enable JS soon after the use as it may result in a limited functionality of the website.

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2 thoughts on “Save locked Orkut album and profile photos

  1. i have tried doing so…but it won’t show the protected photos

    how can i download the protected photo album from orkut?

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