Check 64 bit Windows 7 support for processor

Check 64 bit Windows 7 support for processor

Windows 7 OS released last month had already crossed Snow Leopard and Ubuntu Linux in operating system usage. If you are still using Windows XP or Vista its recommended to update your Windows to Windows 7.  Now the question is what type of Windows should I choose ?.  Probably few of us know that there are 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows. These Windows classification are done on the basis of its support for processor configurations. The very common variant of Windows and processor that we use is 32 bit .
But the upcoming trend is the use of 64 bit processors and applications supporting this architecture. 64 bit processor can handle more amount of simultaneous data than 32 bit processor. They are capable to include more amount memory. So therefore we can expect improvements in multitasking,  performance, graphics, reliability and speed of the system. We discussed how to speed up Windows 7. So investing on  64 bit processor is another step to speed upWindows 7. You should check if your processor support 64 bit architecture before spending time on downloads.

If you are using AMD processors like Athlon then you can use 32-bit and 64-bit of Windows7. Intel has also released a series of processors with 64 bit architectures .

Check your processor for 32bit or 64bit support

Method 1: Check 64 bit Windows 7 support with CPUZ:

There is a small freeware application called CPUZ that can check almost every aspect related with hardware information of a PC .

Download CPUZ here .

Check 64 bit Windows 7 support with CPUZ

Now refer above image and check whether the 64bit is supported by your processor. If there is 64MT then your Intel processor support 64 bit Windows 7. If yours is an AMD processor then it should be AMD64. This test almost confirms your processor compatibility with 64 bit Windows .

Check 64 bit Windows 7support for processor on Windows Vista or Windows 7 32 bit installation .

Windows 7 64 bit

Right click anywhere on your Windows desktop and open properties . Now calculate Windows Experience Index aka WEI. From under the lowest sub score, select to view and print detailed system information .

Total hardware information about your PC will be then displayed as shown above. Here on 64 bit support details it will be shown yes if your processor supports the architecture.

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