Capture images from Youtube FLV videos as PNG or JPEG

use RichFLV to get photos from youtube videos You might have the caps of (screen captured images)of videos in forums and other websites . There are many software tools to get images from video files . RichFLV is one one such application which can capture image screenshot specially from Youtube or FLV videos . RichFLV is not just a screen capture tool ,its an FLV editor and can convert and modify FLV media into number of other formats .

Earlier we reviewed Adobe AIR applications like Google analytics ,Facebook and Twitter desktop clients . RichFLV is a multimedia software and it doesn’t use a web service . So it gives a broad idea about the range of Flex and Adobe AIR applications .Adobe AIR applications are platform independent . So RichFLV will run smoothly on Windows ,Linux and Mac .

How to use Rich FLV to capture images from FLV videos:

Capture images from Youtube FLV videos as PNG or JPEG

Open a Youtube video and pause at suitable location where need to get an image .
Now move on to export tab and select PNG or JPEG as images format . Similarly as you can see in the screenshot , FLV files can be saved into formats like FLV(with no sound) ,XML, SWF (Flash) and  mp3 . There are some more options to stitch ,edit and modify FLV videos .

RichFLV is completely free ,but you will need to get Adobe AIR framework for installation .

Download RichFLV and get photos Youtube FLV videos .

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