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Submitting a sitemap to Google is the first thing that is to be done after starting a blog at Blogger .It gives an idea for the crawler , about all inner pages and archives of your site. There are no plugins for creating a Blogger sitemap .So we will have to use the default atom feed for submitting a Blogger sitemap to Google webmaster tools account .

Login to your Google webmaster account here
Now in the dashboard , you will be asked to enter your site as shown below.

Google Webmasters dashboard

Clicking add site takes you to next step for verifying your Blogger blog.

verify site in Google webmaster

Select add meta tag from the combo box and copy the resulting meta tag code to edit your Blogger template .

add site map to bloggerOpen Blogger>Layout>Edit HTML .
To submit a Blogger sitemap to Google , they need you to verify that you are the blog owner.
Place the meta tag as shown, below the <head>
blogger sitemapSave the template and click verify button.
From the Sitemaps tab on the left , select add site map and choose “Add general web sitemap”.
how to add sitemap in blogger

Now add Blogger sitemap as your atom feed (atom.xml) and complete the entire procedure .

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