Blogger seo tips and Tricks

Few months back , We had a post on seo tips and tricks for blogs hosted in Blogger .Today I am adding some more tips to this list . Hope this would help the new Bloggers to get to start with search engine optimization(seo) .

1. Add title tags to images and internal links :

Title your image and links with title =”title name ”  For eg:

<a href=""title="visit" >techknowl</a>

will produce a link as shown here .When moved over the link , the title text will be displayed .


If you have a download link for some software, you can fill up the title with these keywords .In WordPress blogs , there are seo plugins that can fill these title and alt tags automatically . In Blogger it should be done manually .

Blogger seo

2. Format the title text in your post :

Unlike in WordPress , Blogger has some limitation in the maximum number of text that can be used for title of a post .So when a post link is created , all the charters  after the deserved limit are excluded .This will diminish the seo potential of Blogger posts.

For an eg:  Say ,You are creating a Blogger post : Get the full potential of WordPress blog using all in one seo plugin .

So when a link is created  , these words WordPress , seo plugin etc . will not be included .Cause these exceeds the limit of maximum characters .

It will be something like

So instead of that you have to name your post tittle as “WordPressseo plugin potential” and publish the post . So all those and , of ,getetc. are removed from post title link .

Onesa link is created in Blogger , it cannot be changed . So after this youcan return back to edit this post again and make a sense for your title. You will get a good title and necessary keywords in the post title .

If you want to read more Blogger seo tips , read my old post here .

Do you have any comments ?? Share them here .

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12 thoughts on “Blogger seo tips and Tricks

  1. I am impressed by reading your article. These are great tips. I really enjoyed the post! thanks for sharing helpful tips. 🙂

  2. thanks for the tips dude! can i ask for further advise on how to improve my blog? If you could, that would be a lot of help, thanks in advance!

  3. Thanks for the tips, I have always struggled with blogger seo and for that reason normally use wordpress. Will be gving these a try.

  4. Well for me, optimizing permalinks is the 1st one after finishing installing
    blog. For example, the title of my blog entry is too long…then I might have a problem.

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