Blogger contact form widget

Though we can create a Blogger contact form widget in HTML and CSS , some sort of php or server side scripting was required to make them working . Here is a website called kontactr providing free contact forms for Blogger ,Wordpress and other sites .
sign up here .

blogger contact form

After signing up , copy the code in the box “Embed Widget AJAX” . Crate a new post or search for any draft posts in your Edit Posts section. Title your post as contact me , paste the code and publish your post . Use this post link for the contact me button in your homepage . Emails will be directly delivered to the specified address during registration .

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3 thoughts on “Blogger contact form widget

  1. You’re not displaying what Kontactr’s form REALLY looks like. Overwhelmingly huge top banner for them. Really tacky.

  2. yah, there are many disadvantages of using this form. Aside from you cant remove the Icon of Kontactr, they include from sent message a site of their own. really bad!

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