Best free Firewall software for Windows

Best free Firewall software windows Firewall is a software that scans inbound and outbound traffic from a computer that is connected to the internet. Firewall improves that security of a machine by categorizing and blocking unwanted network traffic. Spyware, bots, keyloggers, trojan horses and worms use active and unprotected internet connection on a machine to collect sensitive data and send it to remote servers. Windows itself have a Firewall. However, it is always recommended to use an advanced Firewall to enable full scale protection from new age malware. So here we have collected a list of the best free Firewall software for Windows that might be interested in.

Best free Firewall software for Windows:

Some of these Firewalls creates their own rules to allow or block internet connections. They will have a list of trusted applications that they automatically allow them. You can always customize this option by going to the settings for each firewall. Opt for the learning mode to activate manual Firewall configuration.

ZoneAlarm free Firewall :

ZoneAlarm free Firewall

ZoneAlarm ZoneAlarm is one of the oldest and the most trusted free Firewall software. The protection they offer is believed to be better than that of established internet security software. This application is compatible with free antivirus software like AVG, Avira, etc. ZoneAlarm offers a two way firewall that blocks intrusions and other network attacks by hiding the visibility of the installed machine from network. It will ask for rules when each new application connects to the internet. So users get the full control of the network activity on their machines.

Download ZoneAlarm Firewall.

Outpost free Firewall:

Outpost free Firewall

Outpost and Zonealarm are two companies that are expert in designing internet Firewall software. This is because their business more oriented towards network security. Though both offer pro versions, free software is good enough for home users. Outpost free Firewall comes with two directional Firewall protection that blocks any kind of hack attacks. The application monitors the behavior of other Windows applications and gives a notification when it tries to access the internet. So here we get to know which all applications are connecting the internet and can easily decide the destiny of them.

Download Outpost Firewall

Ashampoo Firewall for Windows:

Ashampoo Firewall for Windows

We already guided you to the promotional offers that provide Ashampoo security products like Antivirus and Antispyware license for free. Ashampoo Firewall has both free and pro versions. Along with robust Firewall protection, it provides tools like system monitor, IP Spam blocker and the Internet trace cleaner. Users can create Firewall rules for programs as it connect to the internet for the first time.

Download Ashampoo Firewall.

PC Tools free Firewall for Windows:

PC Tools free Firewall for Windows

PC tools, the makers of popular Spyware doctor also offer a free Firewall solution. This application also comes with above mentioned features like system monitor and customizable network settings.

Download PC tools free Firewall.

Few others worth mention are Comodo personal Firewall and Webroot Desktop Firewall.

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