Best free download managers and accelerators

Best free download mangers and accelerators .Download managers are essential if we are downloading large files from internet . It is always not possible to for us wait till the end ,if a couple of huge files are to be downloaded. A download manger has the option to schedule at manage downloads .It can start and stop downloads at pre defined intervals of time .Also some of them can act as download accelerators .Download accelerators split the file into different parts and download at same time . After completion the files will be rejoined to produce original one . This method is proven to improve download speed to 2-3 time . So if you are looking for free download managers or accelerates ,here we have few of them .

Best free download mangers and accelerators .

Orbit Downloader :

Orbit Downloader

Orbit Downloader is more than a download manger . It has the capability to download embed media files from any web page in any browser .It can download music from Myspace, YouTube, Imeem, Pandora radio and other web 2.0 social web services .Orbit Downloader uses peer to peer technology to accelerate download to maximum of 500 % .It also support file hosting services like Rapidshare if you have a premium account .

Download Orbit Downloader version 2 .

Speedbit Download Accelerator Plus 9 (DAP) free edition :

Download Accelerator Plus 9 (DAP) free edition

Speedbit is one of the pioneers of download acceleration technology . The latest version of their product download accelerator plus 9 claims that it can download the files mat a speed more d than 400 % than normal browser downloads . They have both free and pro version . Pro version users can preview RAR ,ZIP music files etc before they are downloaded  . There is and inbuilt browser and download manger , scheduler and file selector . File selector can be used to select the files that are to be downloaded automatically .DAP adds addons to all popular web browsers ,so that we can download media files directly from web pages .

Download DAP 9  (Download Accelerator Plus free edition).

Free download manger :

Free download manger

The free download manager as the name indicates is a  completely free open source download manger /accelerator that works with Windows based operating systems . It has so many features that is not offered n payed download accelerators .

Download SWF Flash files from web pages .
Download online streaming music and videos .
File uploading .
Download Torrent files .
Pause downloads /start broken downloads .
Download selected fields from ZIP or RAR archives .
Download Acceleration .
Limit the traffic used for downloading .
Scheduler to start or stop downloads at specified time .
Its a portable version that can be carried in USB and other mass storage devices .
Site explorer to easily find media and other downloads from websites .

Download Free Download Manger version 3 .

The best download manger or accelerator  in our experience is IDM ( Internet download manger )  .Unfortunately they don’t offer free versions .But you can download a 30 day trial version if required .

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  1. I think the best download manager is flashget as it is multithread and support a lot of things and it is also download accelerators.Just my opinion if you don’t know this yet I suggest you check out in and it is free and no spyware or virus included I think you should check it’s really boosting up speed and it also got a lot of awards in softonic and other site just to try using it it’s very good that’s all I can say because I don’t know how to describe with words.

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