Best Dreamhost promo codes with free IP and domain

Best Dreamhost promo codes with free IP and domainDreamhost is a well known company for shared web hosting .Their shared web hosting is one of the cost effective and feature rich plan when compared with other web hosting companies in the same segment . Unlimited Dreamhost web hosting plans with auto installers and latest software support starts at $ 5 per month and there are promo codes to get discounts for first time customers . These Dreamhost promo codes can only a maximum discount of 50 $ per new registration . But here we have collected few best Dreamhost promo codes for 2009 that can even be used to register one year domain with free IP ,free domain and the same 50 $ discount charges .

Dreamhost promo code 1 freeĀ  unique IP address ,50 $ discount and two free life time domain registration .

Dreamhost 4 free life time domain registrations , 50 $ discount and 1 year unlimited hosting Dreamhost promo code .

Updated : Checkout New Dreamhost promo codes for 2009 .

These are the usual Dreamhost charges without promo codes :

1 year unlimited Dreamhost shared hosting : 120 USD
1 year unique IP address :120 USD
1 year domain registration : 10 USD

So by using these Dreamhost promo codes , new customers an avail a maximum discount of 200 USD .Payment can be made only through Credit card ,Google Checkout and Check/Money Order .

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