Archos Android tablet price, specification and models

Archos Android tablet price and specification and models

Archos Android tablets

Archos today launched five new Android tablets. The Archos 28, 32, 43, 70, and 101 Android tablets will be shipped with the latest version of Android, Froyo and will be available from September of 2010. The new Archos tablets are named after its size. For example, the entry level model Archos 28 has a size of 2.8 inch and top model Archos 101 measure 10.1 inches. All Archos Android tablets come at a lower price point, and this would an edge for these tablets against Apple iPad, Dell streak, and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy tab. Some pf the models have the same form factor and design. However, higher models differ in additional features like the front-back camera, processor, touch screen type, kick stand and few other factors. The detailed specifications and price of all Archos tablets are given below.

Archos Android tablet models:

All Archos tablets come with a special Android apps store called Archos AppsLib. Users can download paid and free Android application from Archos AppsLib as the access to Android Market place is not available.

Archos 28 internet tablet  price and specifications:

Archos 28 internet tablet price and specification

Archos 28 internet tablet

The Archos 28 one of the lowest priced Android tablet/music players in the market. It costs only $99.9 and comes with the goodness of Android 2.2 Froyo. Archos 28  will play MP3, MP4, WMA and several other audio and video formats and has 4G of space for storing files.  It supports web browsing over WiFi networks. There is a 800MHz processor and an accelerometer sensor for good gaming experience and multitasking.

Archos 32 internet tablet price and specification:

The Archos 32 tablet comes with a 3.2 inch resistive display with 320 x 240 resolution. The display is resistive as in the case of Archos 28 tablet. However, the device has a camera which can record HD videos, improved storage up-to 8GB and TV out port. All this improvement cost $50 extra from the entry level model.

Archos 43 internet tablet price and specifications:

Archos 43 internet tablet price and specification

Archos 43 internet tablet

The Archos 43 tablet has a 4.3 inch high-definition, capacitive touch display that can play 720p videos. The camera in the back can record 720p videos at 30fps. It also has a HDMI output port that can be used to connect the device to an external HDTV or media device. Unlike Archos 28 and 32, this version of the Archos tablet has a 1GHZ processor. It is available in 8GB and 16GB versions with external SDHC card slot for storage expansion. There is a music player and photo gallery application with 3D transition effect for files. Overall the Archos 43 is a good competitor for the recently released Del streak both in its hardware, OS version and the price. It costs only $199 to get this product.

Archos 70 price and specifications:

The high-end lineup of Archos Android tablets starts with Archos 70. The screen size and the form factor is the main external differences of this tablet from the Archos 43 model.  It has a 7 inch capacitive touch screen  with WVGA 800 x 480 pixels resolution and 16 million color support.  This model doesn’t have a back camera. The integrated front camera let users to enjoy video chat using pre-installed Android applications. The Archos 70 comes with Bluetooth, kick-stand, 8GB flash memory, Micro SD card slot, up-to 250GB hard drive support, Gravity sensor, accelerated 3D graphics, 1GHZ processor, the internet tethering over Bluetooth, WiFi and support for home streaming using Samba and UPnP protocols. It has an HDMI port and TV out for HD entertainment on external devices. The price of Archos 70 tablet is $275 before taxes and other charges.

Archos 101 price and specification:

Archos 101 internet tablet price and specification

Archos 101 internet tablet

Archos 101 is the flagship model in this Android tablet series. It has a huge multi-touch screen which is bigger than the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab. The 10.1 inch TFT capacitive screen supports  1024×600 pixels resolution and 16 million colors. This screen supports DVD quality movies in several HD  formats. Like the Archos 70 model, there is only a front facing video camera. Archos 101 will be available in 8GB and 16GB storage options with SDHC card slot for expansion. The 3D graphics accelerator, 1GHZ processor, accelerometer-gravity sensor will take the web browsing, gaming other multimedia facilities to the next levels. It also supports all the features of Archos 70 tablet given above.  The price of the Archos 101 is just only $300 before taxes and other charges.

Archos internet tablets launch dates:

Archos will launch the Android tablets 28 and 32 by the end of this month (Sep 2010). Other models will be available from October.

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