Apple iPhone OS 3 .0 features

Finally Apple has released the features of the new firmware update /OS version 3 for iPhone 3G and 2G.

Apple iPhone OS3.0 firmware  features There is something to be happy . As promised , iPhone OSĀ  3 will contain enhancements like MMS ,A2DP ,push functionality , copy-paste etc. So finally Apple iPhone is about to set it as a complete multimedia device .You can read complete Apple iPhone OS3.0 features here .

Apple iPhone OS3.0 features

Apple iPhone OS3 feature

OS 3.0 will add MMS feature in all Apple iPhones.

Apple iPhone OS3.0 features A2DP (Stereo audio over bluetooth devices ) .

Peer to Peer connectivity over Bluetooth for file transfer and gaming .

Apple iPhone OS/firmware 3.0 includes much awaited copy -paste functions .

iPhone OS 3.0 adds much features for developers ,like access for external hardwares , use of streaming video and audio in there iPhone applications .

iPhone application store will be available in more languages (Approximately 77 ).

Parental control feature for streaming TV shows in iPhone .

 Apple iPhone firmware update OS 3 search

Easy to use spotlite homescreen .It will give quick access to all important iPhone data like mail , contact media etc.

iPhone OS3.0 features new Apple applications and enhancements :

Phishing protection .
New application called voice memo will be available with iPhone OS 3.0. With this you can add and record notes ,remainders etc .
iPhone OS 3.0 adds auto fill feature for internet forms .
All apple applications were integrated to search functionality.
Enhanced Youtube account support .
Landscape view for mails and text notes .

Apple iPhone 3.0 /Apple iPhone firmware update 3.0 will be available as a free download for iPhone 3G/2G users ,by the end of march or first weeks of April .iPhone 2G users can also use OS 3.0 . But they won’t be able to get A2DP and MMS features due to hardware limitations .

iPod touch users can unlock the Bluetooth feature thorough iPhone OS3.0 ,buy paying $9.95 .

A developer beta of iPhone OS/firmware 3 can be download here .You can update your iPhone via PC /MAC and iTunes .I will provide the direct link to the final installer , after the official release .

Download Apple iPhone firmware/OS 3 developer beta.

Update: Apple announced iPhone OS 4.0. Checkout the new features of Apple iPhone OS 4.0 and download links.

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