Add RSS/Email subscription in Blogger

Providing RSS/Email subscription in Blogger blog is the easiest way to keep in touch with the users . Users are alerted by email when the blog contents are updated . As far i have seen , Feedburner and Feedblitz are the major players in RSS/Email subscription services . Here in this example , i am using .

Add RSS/Email subscription in Blogger
Go and sign up with your Google account . At this point , you can choose a suitable name for your feed . After successful registration , they will be taking you to the Myfeeds section . Click on your feed for moving on to the dashboard . Select publicize menu from the five available tabs . Now you are about to enable email subscription in Blogger . So select email subscription and click on activate this service.

RSS/Email subscription in Blogger
On the other side , open your Blogger dashboard and go to the layout section. Choose a location for your Email form to appear . Click on add a Page element /Gadget (For new blogger) and select JavaScript . Copy the and paste the Email form code from feedburner onto it and save the widget . Edit JavaScript code to change the height,width,border color ,text ,scroll and other parameters . After building a good sum of subscribers , you can choose to display your feed count , same from the publicize menu in Feedburner .

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