Add or remove nofollow from Blogger comments and links

Nofollow is an HTML attribute given as instruction to search engine crawlers ,not to crawl the hyperlinks specified by the nofollow tags. So if are inserting a nofollow tag after a hyperlink , then the target will not carry any value for that link in search engine positions . They are widely used by blogs and forums to avoid spam comments and posts for getting backlinks.
Similarly in Blogger , the comment section is nofollow by default .You can add or remove nofollow from blogger comments by changing its value in blogger template . Removing nofollow will invite more people to comment on your blog and also more fame in webmaster forums.

Well , this can be in few steps
Go to edit HTML ,click on Expand Widget Template , Press Ctrl+F and search for nofollow ..
Find code secrion ,
<a expr:href=’data:comment.authorUrl’ rel=’nofollow’>
So by this line , the author URL in comment section is made nofollow . Change the nofollow attribute to follow and save the template .

Add nofollow in blogger post section

<a href=” ” rel=nofollow”>Download</a>

This is an example download link for yahoo messenger in Compose and edit HTML view in blogger. Here i have added a nofollow tag just after the quotes closing the download link. It should be done always if you have download link which is not hosted on your on server ( well I am not dragging the topic by explaining the theory behind it ).

PN: You can check nofollow/dofollow by using a Firefox addon called nodofollow.

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  1. Blogging is my passion. So I don’t care if anyone get backlinks from my site. Anyway thanks for your informative article.

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