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Meta tags are Simple HTML codes that can describe various factors of your site to the search engine spiders .These factors include web page title ,Description,keywords , language and many others . Though many blogs says that the meta tags don’t have any value now , i strongly believe that they can affect SERPS in Google ,Yahoo and Bing . In this case i will help you to add meta tag in a Blogger blog.

Go to your Blogger template Layout and Edit HTML .
Fill the following example meta tag with your details

<meta name="Title" content="Your blog title" /><meta name="Description" content="this is the description of your Blogger blog" /><meta name="Keywords" content="Your keywords separated by comma" /><meta name="Author" content="Author Name" /><meta name="Language" content="Language of Website" /><meta name="Copyright" content="© Copyright information" /><meta name="Revisit-After" content="1 Days" /><meta name="Robots" content="All" />

Now we are about to add meta tag in Blogger
Find out the <head> tag and paste your details exactly after that selection.

meta tag in Blogger
PN: Keywords in meta tag can help you to bring targeted adsense ads into your blog.

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  1. Building the meta tag for the particular post or site is very easy part, but in case the blog or site contains so much of posts or pages then it will becomes more lengthy work to do.

    So I have made

    to build a perfect meta tag for your blog or site.

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