Add contact form in Blogger or website without branding

Add contact form in Blogger or website without branding Contact form is an essential widget for every blog . Webmasters will be able to collect help requests ,page issues , advertising deals etc. without exposing email address or other details .Unfortunately Blogger doesn’t have an inbuilt method for adding contact forms .We have already covered kontactr contact form widget for Blogger which uses some kind of branding in each widget .

Pagepow branding free conatct form widget for websites :

kontactr contact form Blogger

Though Kontactr is free ,it usually uses a branding as shown above . We need to create a new blog post to publish this contact form and this link should be then give to the home page .

PagePow free contact form blogger or website

PagePow contact from doesn’t have these disadvantages . It also uses JavaScript to embed contact form ,but here the contact from is popup based . There will be one link formed by JavaScript , which on click shows the popup contact from . Form automatically disappears after submission and shows a message as per in the account settings .And there is no advertising or branding links .

How to create a contact from with PagePow :

Create a PagePow account here .
Open widget gallery and select Contact Us widget .
Now there is a form builder in which you can select required font ,color ,link text ,exit message etc .
Click on save and get widget code.
Now from your Blogger Layout , select to add an HTML/JavaScript widget . Copy the generated widget code and save settings .
Drag the Contact us link to the required position .

PagePow also offer few other widgets like Five star rating , page counter etc . You may try them too.

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  1. I started using Page Pow thanks to your post! I think it works great, and no ads!

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