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The recently released Yahoo messenger 9 includes a very attractive feature called Pingbox. Pingbox is an instant messenger/chat widget that can be easily embedded in a Blogger, WordPress or any other website. Already there are some scripts for running instant chat rooms in websites, but the Yahoo Pingbox has numerous advantages over them.  All those who have a Yahoo account can create a Yahoo PingBox and they will give an embed code based on the options selected.

In Yahoo Messenger or web messenger you can only chat with your Yahoo contacts. But in Yahoo Pingbox they let you chat with anonymous visitors in your blog or website.

For implementing  chat box in your website, you need to get a copy Yahoo messenger 9 or else directly go to, sign in and select Pingbox from tabs.

If you are online in Yahoo messenger, then go to Pingbox page by clicking mypingbox on messenger tab (Make sure that you have connected to internet).

Here is a Screenshot of Pingbox setup page were you can change the appearance of your chat box widget to match with the size, color scheme of your website /blog.

yahoo messenger pingbox

After creating a suitable model, click on next. Now you will be re-directed to another page where you can  customize widget length,width etc.
Now copy the resulting chat box  JavaScript code to your website page to get it installed.
In Blogger>Go to your template’s edit Layout section and choose a suitable location. Now click on add a new gadget and select HTML/JavaScript.

One disadvantage with this chat box widget is that it would affect the loading time of websites.

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4 thoughts on “Chat box for Blogger or WordPress website

  1. Cbox looks good because it allows reader to directly interact to the site author. However, the loading issue. Many users don't want to wait long to.

  2. Great feature offered by Yahoo that is Pingbox but its slow little. Hope excellent quality in the feature. I embedded ‘s live chat into my website but on another blog i am using Pingbox.

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