Access Blocked websites

Many of the colleges, schools and offices have blocked access to Orkut, Myspace, Youtube and other related sites from their computer centers and internal Internet network. Actually, the college authorities or company network administrator block these websites to provide a better working environment and to use the Internet for activities related with studies /work. However, those people who are addicted Myspace, Orkut, Facebook Twitter and Youtube, and they are always looking for alternate methods to Access these blocked websites. The network administrator usually uses a software to block sites by either IP or name.

Access Blocked websites

We can access blocked websites by finding out the used method for that.

Access Blocked websites: Case Name

If the sites like Orkut, Myspace and Youtube are blocked by Name, then you can use the site IP address instead of entering the original site URL. For example, instead of entering Enter the exact IP address in the browser URL bar. To find the IP address of a blocked website, press Win+R and enter ” ping blocked website ” without quotes. Replace the required website with Orkut, Myspace, Youtube or whatsoever.

Another method in this case is the use of URL shortening services like, etc. Links provided by these sites spell differently, but direct to the original site on execution. So the site blocking software allow access to these URL s  by considering it as an unblocked website.

Access Blocked websites: Case IP

If the websites are blocked by IP, then you need to use IP changing software or Proxy websites.
Proxy websites bypasses your current ISP’s IP and opens the blocked website with a different one set on their server.

Here is a list of proxies which can be used to access blocked websites like Myspace, Facebook Orkut and Youtube., http://proxify.coml,,,,,, .

Use Google to access blocked websites:

We can use Google’s translator tool as a proxy and access blocked websites. Google cannot be banned from your Internet network. So this is the best method if you want access to the blocked websites in a safe and secure manner.|en&
Change the with the URL to be accessed. Here the website is redirected to so it is not blocked) for language translation and the site is translated from English to English.

Use software to access blocked websites :
Use software like JAP to change the IP address to a common IP address. JAP provides a static IP address for all its users, thereby making it not possible to determine the visited user or website. But in most cases, you need administrative privileges to install a software to public college or office network.

Last but best method in this regard is using a VPN. I have  collected a set of free VPN services here. They provide a secure connection to the desired website through a server set up in another country.

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  1. Hi,

    I am in Shanghai for a few months now, I`m using to access blocked sites.

    Works well for me, the VPN unblocked Facebook, YouTube etc.

    Maybe you should try that…

  2. i have video about iran and i want to send it to out of iran.but my vpn dont work.
    can you help me?plz

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