Yahoo messenger 10 offline full installer

Yahoo messenger 10 full offline installer Rapidshare

Yahoo announced the development of Yahoo messenger 10, the upcoming version of Yahoo’s messenger for Windows. Yahoo messenger 10 improves its label as the best instant messenger for free international¬† video and audio calls. Video call feature in new version is redesigned to fit inside the chat window. So here users can make face-to face conversation that improves the total chat experience than in earlier versions. Yahoo messenger 10 has a social community broadcast feature that will monitor and display your updates from¬† selected Yahoo’s services to the friends in a list. Yahoo messenger 10 also offers additional language packs for non-English users. We earlier provided an offline installer for Yahoo messenger 9. Similar to that here Yahoo only provide an online installer to Yahoo messenger 10. So here we have uploaded the full offline setup of Yahoo messenger 10 to Rapidshare that you can download here.

Yahoo messenger 10

Yahoo messenger 10

Yahoo messenger 10 features :

As shown in the Yahoo messenger 10 screenshot, you can add your update sources like Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo Buzz, Mybloglog  from which updates will appear to your friend Y! Update timeline.
16 new language packs.
Features like PingBox, Yahoo SMS, Avatars, emotion rooms, message archiving, file transfer, privacy settings from older versions of Yahoo messenger are available in version 10 too.

Yahoo messenger 10 users can also chat with Windows Live messenger users and Lotus same time .

Update: Yahoo Messenger 11 announced. Download the full standalone setup here.

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    Of course you can apply above method to any other web-installers from MSN, Skype and so on, in order to get the offline-installation file.

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    Why download the BETA? Here is the full installer of yahoo messenger 10: YM 10.1258 Stand Alone Installe

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    how do i get yahoo to reinstall my messenger

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