Watch Cricket World cup 2011 live online streaming

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 streaming  300x198 Watch Cricket World cup 2011 live online streaming

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011

The 10th edition of ICC Cricket World Cup has started today on 17th February 2011. World cup cricket 2011 is being hosted by India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. This time there will be 14 teams, and they will play 49 cricket matches, including the finals. Teams participating in World cup cricket 2011 are Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Canada, West Indies, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland and Netherlands. The official TV broadcaster of Cricket world cup 2011 in India is ESPN Star Sports and DD Sports. However, if you are a cricket fan and have a high speed internet connection, you may watch the world cup 2011 live streaming online through the internet broadcasting channel of  ESPN Star Sports.

ICC Cricket World cup 2011 live streaming links

Official EPSNSTAR online streaming: You can watch all the cricketing action of the ICC world cup 2011 online at on match days. They also provide live scores, match replays and summaries. The service seems to be free at this point.

ESPN Star Live streaming  300x253 Watch Cricket World cup 2011 live online streaming

ESPN Star Live streaming

WILLOW.TV:If  you are living in US, the best way to watch World cup 2011 Cricket live streaming  is by using the service provided by Willow.TV. Though it is a premium service they offer unmatched cricket streaming in HD quality, and they even have mobile applications that let you watch live matches in almost all smartphone platforms. Willow. TV maintains agreements with ICC and other cricketing agencies for online streaming of World cup cricket 2011. Therefore, the service is legal in all supported countries. You can purchase a suitable cricket package from their website, here.

World cup 2011 live streaming in mobile: Vodafone in India has come to an agreement with ESPN, and that will allow them to stream world cup 2011  live on mobile phones. This service will be available for all Vodafone customers with a 2G or 3G smartphone and a valid GPRS plan. Contact the customer care for more details.

ESPN Cricifo Mobile app:  The popular Cricinfo Mobicast application has been redesigned to include several new features. Latest version will be known as ESPN Cricinfo and is already available for download at iOS app store. This app has features like push notifications, live cricket scores, ball-by-ball commentary, team ranking, news, video streaming, etc. Those who use other OS platforms can download it by going to on their mobile browser.

Between, what do you think? Who will win this world cup? Join the discussion below. Thanks!

(Updated: Watch IPL 4 live streaming online )

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109 Responses to “Watch Cricket World cup 2011 live online streaming”

  1. ashish chahwala says:

    i would like to see the live match in office hours.working with fun & enjoyment.

  2. shahid abbas says:

    hi i am cricket lover but i am living in libeia and i can not afford hear can you Abel to me i see this website thnx

  3. satyajit says:

    can i watch live my lover pragna

  4. satyajit says:

    ashish will u be my friend mail me at

  5. jaffer says:

    i want to watch match of india vs bangladesh

  6. tonmoy says:

    like to watch world cup online

  7. malar ahmmed says:

    Thanks for providing the ESPN cricket link. Its working like a charm.

  8. rajesh pandey says:

    i want to see cricket world cup 2011. please provide me……..

  9. Salim says:

    I’m in the UK and do not have access to sky sports. I would love to watch the matches live.

  10. saju james k says:

    I appreciate if you can provide live world cup

  11. Raja says:

    desperate to watch the game

  12. admin says:

    Friends, read the article you can watch world cup 2011 online from ESPN Star Sport official website.

  13. basheeruddin says:

    I would like to see cricket matches on your site

  14. ezrasastry says:

    i like to see criket in your site

  15. bimal says:

    i would like to watch cricket world cup legally as sports shouldn’t be cost

  16. sanna says:

    i want to see cricket world cup 2011. please provide me……..

  17. Ahmad says:

    good luck to you pakistan.

  18. yasir says:

    i love to see live world cup .

  19. Peter Fernandes says:

    help to view world cup cricket 2011

  20. faisal says:

    pls i want see cricket

  21. Mohan says:

    hi Indian team you are win world cricket match best of bulk OK

  22. Mohan says:


  23. Mohan says:

    HI sachin tendulkar sir i am your fan you are very super batsman and fielding i am like you

  24. gurnaam says:

    hi its gurnaam i m very happy to watch it online

  25. Kris says:

    Please some one can send a link of world cup crcket 2011 live

  26. admin says:

    Hey friends, why you are not reading the article. Its given there. You can watch all world cup cricket matches live online at

  27. usman says:

    pakistan will get world cup.

  28. Jimmy says:

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  29. usman says:

    pakistan zindabad.

  30. d says:

    this link is not working in UK…can someone send link that work in UK…

  31. aditya says:

    @usman Pakistan will not see the second level. What acrap team you have there? You are full of match-fixers.

  32. ar says:

    i am in London. ESPNSTAR gives me a message saying the live stream is not available in my region. any idea about the link which can be used in London?

  33. Jacob Mathew says:

    Pakistan will get World Cup from Market

  34. maha says:


    i live in UAE and would like to watch cricket live streaming online
    can i have the website or URL link? please

    thanking you

  35. admin says:

    Those who are not getting the live stream please Google for “espn go live cricket”. It might work at your region. Thanks!!

  36. sandeep says:

    ESPN is the option for watching the cricket match?

  37. smita says:

    please broadcast online cricket.

  38. daulat shaikh says:

    i want watch cricket match online. but how the link is not working

  39. lazar says:

    good match going on between India and Bangladesh.

  40. Courtney Watson says:

    I think it is a wise move

  41. Murali says:

    India Rocks

  42. ashok says:

    india always rock. best of luck i will pray for India we indian be indian. Indian from singapore

  43. hadi says:

    this is the nice way to watch the live cricket, because so many people they can not watch on TV so this is the way to enjoy the cricket.

  44. segabamba says:

    i would to see worldcup cricket match on live

  45. alex says:



  46. shyam says:

    I have found this link where you can see the worldcup, they are addding matches as they come.

  47. zuhair says:

    i want to see cricket

  48. Dharu says:

    Want to watch d match badly. Pl make d arrangements…..

  49. zahoor says:

    yes i think england is favourite in this tournament.

  50. greetings says:

    espn star streaming not available at UAE

  51. test says:

    complete list of world cup 2011 online streaming links

  52. sudheer says:

    I can view live on my laptop but, Unable to view the live streaming on my PC can any one help me

  53. shahzahan says:

    i think india is favourite in this tournament

  54. Saiful says:

    I love Bangladesh cricket team and I hope they will win 2011 cricket world cup.

  55. chintu says:

    i think india is fav taem in there

  56. Amol says:

    Hi Folks,

    Which link i should use for seeing live streeming in UK. i can’t see the matches with thios link of espn

  57. Devric says:

    Is it possible to watch World Cup Cricket in Europe, via any TV broadcasters or via Internet Streaming? The ESPN Star Sports tells me that the internet stream is not available in my area, and altough some websites mention that Eurosport 2 is a TV broadcaster of the World Cup Cricket in Europe I have not seen any cricket on Eurosport 2.
    Any help is appreciated!
    Thank you!

  58. Devika Chopra says:

    This World cup is going to be huge. For the first time team other that Australia is supposedly the favourite. India, England, SouthAfrica are the main contenders. Though i strongly believe this time India is going to win it. Not just because its my motherland but also because i am managing Team India…lolz…There is this game i am playing called yatra cricket manager on…check it out…Its awesome and addictive

  59. sharad says:

    how to see live match on internet ?

  60. akash says:

    i want to be part of it and thats it……………

  61. haider says:

    i am able to watch live cwc stream but i formate my computer and load winxp3 and now i am unable to watch live stream.Tell me reason please.

  62. Rahman says:

    I want to watch the matches. But I live in Canada. Here ESPN live streaming not available. Any help?


  63. musa says:

    i want to be a india vs pak. and pak. beat india cry.

  64. shahid says:

    watch cricket on line

  65. Roland Lynch says:

    yr Google link is broken and i am unable to watch what i paid for on icc world cup us which i have been able to connect to for 2 weeks now. why is this broken?.

  66. Roland Lynch says:

    what commnet? I am unable to watch what i paid for on google

  67. vishal says:

    i want to see online england vs india

  68. vishal says:

    i want to see live match

  69. mehvish says:

    love the cricket but i cannot access on net live match

  70. sdry says:

    Hey guys just wanted to share one good website with you all for free watch live cricket online. i found it nice low buffer clear with more servers…

  71. shaiq says:

    pakistan win the world cup cricket 2011 inshalah

  72. raaz says:

    what a unbelievable they defend even the lowest score against the strong and week teams ,,,,,india can not defend their score against england and england cannot defend against ireland…weldone AFRIDI BOOM BOOM

  73. punn says:

    i want to see the icc world cup 2011 on line pls send me the link

  74. alex says:

    I want to watch world cup online streaming thanks.

  75. Watch Cricket World Cup 2011 Live says:

    yo pakistan will win

  76. dawood says:

    i want to see cricket live but its not established

  77. dawood says:



  78. narendra.pal71@yahh says:

    Watch world cup cricket online, but how?

  79. lovcric says:

    Watch Live ICC world Cup 2011in HD. I just subscribe it is worth of my money and time. excellent service provoder.

  80. Watch Live Cricket says:

    Thx…… this is just cool….. espn bought the copyright!

  81. ave says:

    can i watch the nz semi live. I live in Taly

  82. ave says:

    can i watch the nz semi live. I live in Italy

  83. aslam says:

    pakistan will win world up insha ALLAH

  84. Rontalk says:

    Hey guys
    i have found a very nice site which shows all the cwc online :) i really enjoy the site as willow offered me 129$ for cwc package, n i have saved the money watching it online :)
    i hope its willhelp you too guys

    Have fun guys :)
    techknowl rockz :)

  85. Ahmed says:

    HI, i m in Dubai & want to watch the semi finals online.

  86. rajesh says:

    give me the link where icc cricket world cup live streaming will broadcast will watch

  87. cricketguru says:

    Yes you can watch all Live ICC Cricket World cup 2011 matches on ESPN

  88. Kris says:

    I have been working on a special report with all the reviews and
    statistics on the eve of India Pakistan Match. Thought this would be
    useful infor for all cricket lovers.

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  89. Vinay Ratra says:

    Watch Live Streaming with Multi Channels and Multi Server Online Click on it, then only suggest to others

  90. vijay says:

    i want to see the live worldcup cricket match

  91. vijay kumar says:

    its very nice

  92. JAY says:


  93. sona says:

    i would like 2 watch world cup 2011 on computer because it will cost to much on tv $199 please please help!

  94. amjadgabbarkhansingh says:

    pakistan india match its not a match for an indian its a —— against (*** edited racism) who they r responsible for thousends of innocent muslim brothers in kashmir.
    india will win against pakistan ,mr aslam says pakistan will win …no dear never pakistan will not win cricket or anything under the sun if ur a pakistani iam sorry dear palistan is promoting terrror.

  95. Pachhi says:

    Hi guys ,,

    I am not able to see live streaming in espnstar website can you help me some one else..
    I downloaded Flash player everything i did but no use.. Pls help.. I want o watch India vs Pakistan match …

    Thankyou advance

  96. kannan says:

    i wish to see the cricket

  97. sachinraj says:

    i want see live match

  98. waqar says:

    Best site for live streaming

  99. shahzy says:

    i want live cricket match 2011 semi final pak,ind

  100. TahiduL IsLam says:

    Can some1 giv me link 2 watch cricket worldcup live streaming ?

  101. krishna says:

    india get world cup

  102. singh says:

    i love cricket

  103. anil says:

    it is nice

  104. vivek says:

    india wins

  105. Jack says:

    We want Y Patahn, wityhout Pathan india will fail

  106. syed mohammad shah alam says:

    I wish India will win & will get World Cup Trophy. I specially pray to ” ALLAH” for the success of Great Indian Cricket Team. May “ALLAH ” help them.

  107. Ramesh says:

    Its good chance to see live TV like us when we have not tv channels.

  108. amar says:

    thnx dhoni ,,,u r d super hero ,,,,,,,,,,well done !!!!

  109. Nikunj says:

    After Winning the ICC World cup 2011. Now its time for IPL 2011
    Watch live IPL 2011 streaming Cricket Match on protonwebs
    2 servers will be available from 8th april 2011.
    Don’t miss the live cricket fun.

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