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11 Answers

HTC HD2 lock screen password incorrect password message

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Today when I entered the correct password in my HTC HD2 lock screen, it blocked access with a password incorrect password message. But I am sure that I have entered the correct password. Now I cannot open HD2 settings or reset password. Please tell me how I can fix the lock screen password error message in HTC HD2. I have a backup in Microsoft MyPhone.

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11 Answers

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    Xavier John on Oct 08, 2010 reply

    The incorrect password message in the lock screen is a known problem in HTC HD2. Since you have a backup in Microsoft MyPhone, you can reset the phone to factory settings. Hard resetting in an HTC HD2 is pretty simple. First completely turn off your HTC HD2. Now press the Power ON button and the volume button at the same time, until it shows a message in the screen. Follow the instructions and complete the hard reset. After that, sync your backup from Microsoft MyPhone. Avoid adding passwords in the future until they release an update to fix this problem.

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  2. Sigitas on Oct 14, 2010 reply

    I have the same issue… Any ideas about the patch… is HTC aware of this problem?

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    • molaa on May 22, 2011 reply

      i have tried all my phone still cant open what can be done …. is there a number u can press on the screen to get the phone open back…..

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  3. Jhon on Oct 17, 2010 reply

    I think HTC is aware of the problem, but they have not released any patch to fix it. You can find the latest updates from HTC Support website http://www.htc.com/www/support.aspx.

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  4. ashish on Nov 28, 2010 reply

    today when i inserted the password to unlock the phone, the message shown on the screen as invalid password. I have switch off my phone and again restarted but the phone is still unlock so can you please help me to unlock my phone. Is there any service center to help me out.

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  5. Jhon on Nov 28, 2010 reply

    Well, that’s a bug with HTC HD2 software. Now the only option left there is a hard-reset . Follow the method given in the first comment. If you have taken backup with Microsoft MyPhone, you may restore it after the hard-rest.

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  6. Fons on Dec 01, 2010 reply

    I am very sad to join you guys as a victim with the same problem. I called HTC and they advised a hard-reset, but as I have not backup my data, I shall loose them all. HTC did not mention that it was a bug with HTC HD2 software.

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  7. Atta on Mar 07, 2011 reply

    My nephew tried to access my phone with the wrong password, and it was locked, and show me that the password is incorrect! I have tried many times and the screen showing

    “Several incorrect password had been entered. To continue password entry, enter “a1b2c3″. In case of emergency, enter an emergency phone no.”
    I put the same password but it saying that i put the wrong one. I tried to turn on/off many times as some recommend on the web board. But it does not work!!!! For a couple hour i typed the letter a1b2c3″. In case of emergency called. The locked screen came back…!!! I am so excited for that. I think i will lose all information there. But it work!!! Just try it.

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  8. Andrzej on May 03, 2011 reply

    Perhaps the solution is to “hack” HD2 “locked by password with no pass option” as follows?:

    - connect to USB port (external drive option switched on and the option could not be changed ‘to activesync’ because of password bug problem. The storage card is visible only)
    - “destroy”/delete/move the application/program which is responsible for password protection ? Or any other application… ?
    - Any idea how to access Windows Mobile Register ? Perhaps there is a kind of “command line mode” (no keyboard) while starting the system?

    any hint? please let me know. I need to download all the data before hard reset.


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  9. Oreos on Aug 27, 2011 reply

    im trying to follow the instructions but it dosent wanna turn off cus of the passcode …i hate this phonnnnnnnneee… can anyone tell me how to turn it of cus if i take out the battery it turns on by itself…and if not is there any other way to fix it??

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  10. ali on Oct 28, 2011 reply

    hi too all,i have an htc hd2,i have this problem too,my data in this phone is not important for me just i want to unlock my phone but i dont know how??????? some one said to me to hard reset , how is it possible when i cant access my phone “clear storage” option in phone setting??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    please mail the answer who know

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