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Download photos from Flickr when the option is disabled

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Hello I was trying to download a few interesting photos from Flickr. But when I right-click, it says that it is copyrighted. The owner has disabled downloading of their photos from his account in Flickr. Please tell me how to download the Flickr photos when the option is disabled.

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3 Answers

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    Jhon on Oct 19, 2010 reply

    Sometimes the owner of the account block downloading photos from their Flickr account. However, you can save Flickr photos to your computer even when it is disabled. Use any of the following method to download photos from Flickr.com

    Method One: Use Firefox, Opera or any other browser to download Flickr photos

    In a Flickr photo page, right-click anywhere in page and select the Page Info option. Now it will open a new window. Open media and browse through the links shown at the bottom. The direct link to the Flickr photo will be available in that section. After locating the link, drag and drop it to the browser URL box and download it to the computer.

    2. You can take the screenshot of the Flickr photo after choosing the largest size.

    3. There is a Firefox addon called http://doc.infosnel.nl/flickr_photo_download.html that lets download Flickr photos in batch mode.

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  2. ShyannDavis on Apr 04, 2011 reply


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