Enable Windows 7 sidebar and Gadgets when UAC is disabled


UAC (User Account Control) is a feature introduced in Windows Vista to prevent the execution of unauthorized programs from executing on Windows .This feature has been adapted in a different style in Windows 7 . In Windows 7 , you can’t access Sidebar and Gadgets when UAC is disabled by slide bar.
So this security settings would block anyone from installing a Malicious sidebar widget without user intervention . But many people who already disabled UAC is looking for a method to access those sidebar gadgets .

EnableĀ  Windows sidebar and Gadgets when UAC is disabled .

Press Win+RUN and enter regedit .
Now this will open Windows 7 registry editor .

From the left pane , search for the following registration entry .


At this point , move on to right pane . Right click anywhere and select to create a new DWORD of 32 bit value and name AllowElevatedProcess . Here set the value as 1 .

Now you can enable Windows sidebar and Gadgets when UAC is disabled .

You ca automate the process by the following registration entry .

Copy the following settings into notepad and save it as AllowElevatedProcess.reg

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Now run AllowElevatedProcess.reg with administrative privileges .

Now right click anywhere on desktop and see if you can enable add desktop gadgets .

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  1. WAR10CK says:

    settings folder hidden ! wht to do now

  2. lol says:

    Make it.

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