Dreamhost web hosting July 2010 maximum discount coupon

How to Find Offline Installers for Windows Applications‎ Dreamhost web hosting July 2010 maximum discount coupon

Dreamhost is well known company providing shared, PS, PS MySQL web hosting services. Many people choose Dreamhost due to the ease of script installation and the minimal cost of hosting. Dreamhost allows the use of discount coupons and promo codes by all new customers for the first year. So they can purchase all Dreamhost service at maximum discount and with free domain and IP address. Like that we share in every month, here is the Dreamhost promo code for the month July 2010.

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Easy to get credit cards for Indian bloggers and web developers

Fixed diposit credit cards 300x97 Easy to get credit cards for Indian bloggers and web developers

Most of the Indian bloggers, webmasters and web developers are using Paypal service for making online transactions. The major feature of Paypal that attract customers is the security that it provides while making transactions. Here users don’t need a credit card, and they can simply use their email to pay the bills. However, Paypal itself asks users to verify each account with credit card for further security and more features. Although Indian Paypal accounts can be verified using a bank account, it’s better to get a real credit card considering few other causes. Some online stores and web hosting companies doesn’t accept Paypal as a medium of payment. Furthermore, the subscription based services, like theme clubs, web services, etc. need a credit card attached to the Paypal account for automatic renewal.

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Verify PayPal without credit card in India using HDFC Netsafe card

1075 HDFC%2520netsafe%2520card%2520paypal%2520debit%2520card%2520 Verify PayPal without credit card in India using HDFC Netsafe card

Paypal has became a widely accepted payment system for online purchase and fund transfer. The advantage of Paypal is the security it provides. It helps users with debit or credit card to purchase online by using email IDs, without exposing their real card number to the merchant. However, Paypal posses few limitations if its not verified using a credit card. Paypal forces all users to verify their account with a real credit card or debit card to enhance the security of the overall process. But getting a credit is still a difficult task in countries like India, although the wishers are in a credit limit to get one.  The transfer and withdrawal limitations of unverified Paypal accounts can be removed by using virtual credit cards or VCCs. In India we have many private and public sector banks offering internet banking and virtual credit card service. HDFC is one such bank that provides  facility called Netsafe, free for all their customers. Verifying Paypal without a real credit card is not recommend. But the HDFC Netsafe card would help users in a very needy situation. In this post we will show how you can Verify PayPal without credit card in India by creating a HDFC netsafe card.

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Hostgator VPS hosting plans

973 Hostgator%2BVPS%2Bhosting%2Bplans Hostgator VPS hosting plans

Hostgator LLC, one of the leading web hosting provider with more than two million hosted domains announced their plans to start with VPS hosting services. We earlier covered the advantage of Hostgator shared web hosting over some of its competitors like Dreamhost .  Though little bit costly, Hostgator provides good uptime, industry standard features, excellent support etc. that everyone is looking from a reliable hosting service. But  every webhosting company has limitations on shared hosting plans. VPS service provides a virtual server on shared environment so that users can customize the server resources according to the plans chosen. Hostgator now offers shared, reseller and dedicated hosting plans. The new Hostgator VPS plans are lunched in test mode and only available for the first 200 customers .

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Hostgator and Dreamhost comparison

805 Dreamhost Hostgator and Dreamhost comparison807 Hostgator Hostgator and Dreamhost comparisonHostgator and Dreamhost are two web hosting services much discussed among webmasters. Dreamhost provides cost effective shared web hosting with unlimited plans and easy to use control panel that’s ideal for  newcomers. Hostgator specializes on the reliable and fast web hosting with great live chat support. Hostgator provides advanced cPanel web hosting management software for its customers. CPanel  implementation usually cost more. However, without cPanel, Dreamhost charges the same as Hostgator. First time users would love Dreamhost setup as here the installation of scripts can be done on one click. Both Dreamhost and Hostgator provide promo codes and coupons for new customers. Promo codes on Dreamhost will cut down the prices for the first year web hosting to near 90 % of the total cost. Whereas Hostgator provides coupon codes for up to 20 % discount for all webs hosting plans payable via Paypal. Checkout our comparison between Hostgator and Dreamhost to make your choice.

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Track online visitors on a website or blog

Track online visitors on a website or blog 300x292 Track online visitors on a website or blog

Calculating the visitor’s trends and planning a strategy in real-time is very important for every blogger  who is looking forward to gaining advantage from quick traffic surges. This includes analyzing the user search patterns to post new articles or rewrite existing ones with new keywords. There are several tools like Google analytics, Alexa, Statcounter, etc. giving a clean idea for the webmaster about daily traffic on a website and the source of traffic. However, accessing these web applications for real-time results is tiresome. So here are a few specially designed widgets that we can embed in Blogger, WordPress or any other website or blog platform to trace the activity of online users.

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